A BiggsBooks.net Science Fiction Series

It is the year 1277 according to the City Calender of the Valley of Karr. It has been seventy-six years since the last Emperor, Melakur TeRasa, was brutally assassinated and the Palace burned. His two sons were either killed, or mysteriously vanished. Now people say that both must be dead, or one of them would have stepped forward to claim the throne by now.

In that time, the Southern Houses have gained strength and power, looming over the last free-packs of the north which hold to the old ways, and an ancient threat is growing deep under the ground. People are vanishing, strange armored men with no faces are appearing at night, able to fly without a skyboard, and half-demon “von-men” with glowing eyes are roaming the streets.

In the northernmost tip of the Valley of Karr, a young warrior named Tarek has mastered the art of Skyboarding, but he still searches for clues about his missing past. He’s fought his way into a position of authority in the roughest ‘boardpack in the Valley, the Jelka, but his fight isn’t over yet. Download the first episode of the Skyboarders series (FREE) to begin his journey.